Emmanouil Liakos

Emmanouil Liakos

Software Engineer

Hi, I'm Manos :)

I am Full Stack Software Engineer from Greece, currently focusing on Front End technologies. I usually speak JavaScript!

I created this blog to document my development journey, share my thoughts and concerns about technology and self-development, while solidifying my everyday learning.


Browser frame budget

July 25, 2021

A refresh rate of 60 FPS is typical for any device these days. This means that in the timeframe of 1 second, the browser has to draw 1 frame on the screen, which in turn means that each frame has a time budget of 16.6ms (1 second / 60 frames = 16.66ms). Drawing this frame in 16.6ms includes:

  • Executing JS
  • Calculating styles
  • Calculating layout
  • Painting pixels on layers
  • Compositing those layers

Since all of these tasks run in a single thread, when they take more than ~10ms (not 16ms, because there is also other work being done by the browser), frames start to drop. Drop enough frames and visually perceptible lagginess starts to occur.

Sources: Rendering Performance by Paul Lewis

CRLF: Mind the line

June 15, 2021

Problems line endings might create, why different operating systems sometimes use different line endings and how to configure git to save yourself from headaches.

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Arrays passed to template literals get coerced to strings

December 4, 2020

Nice little thing I learned today: When you pass an Array as a value to a template literal, it gets implicitly coerced into a String. Behind the scenes String.prototype.concat is used, as stated in the ECMA-262 specification document.

const fruits = ['apples', 'oranges'];
console.log(`${fruits}`); // 'apples,oranges'


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